A few words from my customers…

I first became aware of Geoffrey Healy through a present my partner Trish bought for me. It was a bowl, a bowl with a good wish energy infused in it (I can’t quite remember how it was put, but this was a long time ago..). I was intrigued and in time met with Geoffrey. A deeply Spiritual and respectful person, he approaches his creations of pottery in a very special way. Working with an element of the Earth, he energetically infuses a wish, with respect, for good to be created. Often what is created will have other aspects to it, perhaps Nature shares its own special energy with the finished product. If you spend time with any of Geoffrey’s special works, you will feel and be aware of many things. What you will mostly get is an energy of goodness and hope. Surely something we need in these times…

Tom Farrell

During our visit to Geoffrey’s pottery, I was completely taken by the overwhelming  atmosphere, the earthy smell and all the wonderfully delicate-looking pieces of pottery, each of which seemed to me like a separate little individual that wanted to be appreciated in all its beauty. I could have spent hours here to marvel at every single vessel and vases, whose gleaming glazes from deep blue to bright red, warm yellow to down-to-earth brown seemed like small, unique paintings to me. It was not easy for us to decide on just one object and at the last minute I intuitively reached for a somewhat strangely coarse pot with a rough, almost sandy surface, which I had only seen standing on the shelf out of the corner of my eye.

When I got home, I really understood Geoffrey’s remark that we don’t make the choice, but the object finds us. The little last-minute pot has become my daily companion with which I sit in the morning on the veranda in wind and weather, in the garden, on holiday by the sea or in winter on the couch warming my hands and heart with a delicious ‘Milchkaffee’ – milky coffee.

And the small, delicate vase surprises us again and again with a life of its own, depending on the time of day and the weather. Even after two years you never tire of marveling at this small ‘clay mini universe’. I am already looking forward to the next visit to Geoffrey’s Atelier and say thanks a million for this wonderful discovery.

Marie Reinartz

Whether feeding your appetite from these bowls or feeding your soul from their energy, the result will always be nourishing.

Brenda Allen

Owning one of Geoffery’s creations symbolises the completion of an energetic circle.

  • It begins with a seemingly lifeless lump of clay.
  • Coaxed into emergence with hands that love it
  • Imbued with Geoffrey’s best intentions.
  • Secretly named and set aside in good company. to wait.
  • For an adoptive owner with whom it is energetically matched.
  • The transformation is complete.

I have had the privilege of sitting in silence with several of Geoffreys beautiful bowls. After a few minutes of slowing down to match the resonance of the fired earth, deep rooted emotional connections with the piece seem to form and for me it is as if time stands still and some part of my body aligns with the frequency of the beautiful, colourful tactile nature of the piece.

When I set it back down, I move back into this time and space but it is as if I am in a different slipstream and my struggle ( which I may or may not have been aware of beforehand) has lessened.

Most of the time my description of what I have experienced defies my grasp of language and only single words or 4 or 5.  word sentences follow.

I am also lucky enough to have my first cup of tea each morning from one of Geoffreys drinking ‘muglets’ as I call it. My hands encircle it and I am present in that moment. I give thanks and say, out loud, my intentions for the day as I sip my way into my new day.

With Gratitude.

Paschal Gannon, Tearmann Retreats. Glendalough. Co. Wicklow. Ireland.