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geoffrey healy potteryAbout Geoffrey Healy

"Award-winning potter Geoffrey Healy makes hand-thrown ceramic pieces in his workshop and studio in the Rocky Valley, Co. Wicklow. He makes an oven-to-tableware range, gift items and lamp bases, and also creates unique collector's pieces".
The Irish Independent ~ October 1999

Geoffrey studied his craft in the UK and Japan, before setting up his studio in his home county of Wicklow in 1992. He has exhibited at the Common Earth Ceramics Exhibition, The Museum Of Modern Art and is a regular exhibitor at Showcase ~ Ireland's premier craft industry exhibition. Each collection of pottery reflects a deep felt pool of inspiration from which Geoffrey draws his designs, shapes and creativity.

Wood Fired Pottery
"If it's a wood firing day, then I'm up at 6am. I'm full of suppressed excitement, because this is an exciting process to me. There is no sound other than the crackling of wood burning, and then the smell of smoke. All timbers have different smells. I feel there is a great link between spirituality and creativity, which is something that interests me. I find that at the end of a day of wood-firing, I'm physically very tired, but full of energy". ~ Geoffrey Healy


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